Certificates of Merit

The International Council for Canadian Studies bestows annually an international award of merit to recognize the contribution of individuals to Canadian Studies in Canada and abroad. Usually, the awards recognize institutional and organizational work.  The ICCS Certificates of Merit were established in 1988.

The award consists of a certificate, which is usually presented to the winner during the ICCS Presidents’ Reception held during the annual ICCS meetings of the Steering Committee. Unfortunately the ICCS does not disburse for travel or accommodation. Should the person be unable to attend, the ICCS will send the certificate to the president/delegate of the recipient’s assocoation to find an appropriate occassion to bestow the certificate.

Nominations may come from any country and may be made by individuals, institutions or organizations. Posthumous or self-nominations will not be considered. The selection of winners is made by the Executive Committee of the ICCS.

Nominations must include:

  • One-two page statement explaining the reasons for the nomination;
  • a 200-250 word citation (which will be reproduced on the certificate);
  • one letter of recommendation.

The deadline for nomination is 1 April. Nominations should be sent to:

International Council for Canadian Studies
c/o Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University
723 Kaneff Tower
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3, Canada

Email: iccsciec@yorku.ca


  • Jason Blake – Central European Association for Canadian Studies
  • Ewa Krasnodebska – Polish Association for Canadian Studies
  • André Senécal : Professor United States
  • Petr Kylousek : Professor Czech Republic
  • Seung Ryul Lee : ProfessorSouth Korea
  • Signe Katz : Canadian Embassy in Israel
  • Kevin Spooner : Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
  • Anna Reczynska : Jagiellonian Univ, Poland
  • Colin Coates : Glendon College, York U.
  • Milena Santoro : Georgetown University, USA
  • Eugenia Sojka : University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland
  • Beatriz Diaz : Universidad de la Habana, Cuba
  • John W. Graham : Canada
  • Bernhard Metz : University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Licia Soares de Souza : Universidade do Estado da Bahia, Brazil
  • Myrna Delson-Karan : St John’s University in New York City
  • Salvador Cervantes Cervantes : Universidad del Valle de Atemajac, Mexico
  • Józef Kwaterko : Institute of Romanic Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Jane Moss : Director Center for Canadian Studies, Duke University, USA
  • David Staines : Department of English, University of Ottawa
  • Janos Kenyeres : Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary
  • Chelva Kanaganayakam : Dept. of English, University of Toronto
  • Markku Henriksson : University of Helsinki
  • Dennis Duffy : Emeritus Professor, Dept. of English, U. of Toronto
  • Mark Kassof : Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Economics, Bowling Green State University
  • Harmut Lutz : Full Professor, American and Canadian Studies, University of Greifswald (Germany)
  • Ranjana Harish : Canadian Study Centre at Gujarat University (India)
  • Dennis Moore : Consulate General of Canada in Detroit
  • Jacques-Guy Petit : French Association for Canadian Studies
  • Conny Steenman-Marcusse : Association for Canadian Studies in the Netherlands
  • Keith Battarbee : Nordic Association for Canadian Studies
  • Wang Li : Embassy of Canada, China
  • Robert Thacker : St. Lawrence University and ACSUS Council
  • Albert Rau : University of Cologne, Germany
  • Katalin Kürtösi : University of Szeged, Hungary
  • Misako Terauchi : Embassy of Canada in Japan
  • Jean Ko : Canadian Embassy in Seoul
  • Nadine Fabbi : University of Washington
  • Joseph Glass : Toronto, Ontario
  • Delia Montero : Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana – Iztapalapa
  • Raul Rodriguez Rodriguez : Universidad de la Habana
  • David Archibald : Association for Canadian Studies in the United States
  • Judith Costello : Canadian Consulate General in Atlanta, GA
  • Daphna Oren : Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Beatriz Ventura : Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Daniel Abele : Embassy of Canada in the United States, Washington, D.C.
  • Donald K. Alper : Western Washington University
  • Melanie Ter-Meulen : Canadian Embassy in the Hague, the Netherlands
  • Silvia Bertoni Reis : Embassy of Canada, Brazil
  • Vivien Hughes : Canadian High Commission (U.K.)
  • Yutaka Takenaka : Caritas College, Yokohama, Japan
  • FAC Canadian Studies Team : Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
  • Claude Denis, François Rocher and Linda Jones : n/a
  • Denise M. Gurgel Lavallée : ABECAN
  • Robert Schwartzwald : International Journal of Canadian Studies
  • Dennis Drummond : University of New England, Australia
  • Lisa Lavoie : Embassy of Canada, Belgium
  • Don Sparling : Central European Canadian Studies Association
  • Elza Zareceansky : Canada-Córdoba Centre, Argentina
  • Jodie Robson : British Association for Canadian Studies
  • Natalie Amar : Embassy of Canada, Israel
  • Peter Walker : former Canadian High Commissioner to India
  • David Biette : Association for Canadian Studies in the United States
  • Pierre Sved : Embassy of Canada, Mexico
  • Donald Beer : Association for Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand
  • Giovanni Bonanno : Università di Messina
  • Gaëtan Vallières : ICCS
  • Ulla Amsinck : Nordic Association for Canadian Studies
  • Annekatrin Metz : Universität Trier
  • Chandra Mohan : Indian Association for Canadian Studies
  • Claudia Glöckner : Universität Augsburg
  • Donald R. MacPhee : Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
  • Paulette Montaigne : Canadian High Commission (Canberra)
  • Cornelius H.W. Remie : European Network for Canadian Studies and Association for Canadian Studies in the Netherlands
  • Tatyana Kuzmina : President of.RACS
  • Lucette Nobell : Canadian Embassy in Stockholm
  • Richard Beach : State University of New York, Plattsburgh
  • John Halstead : Former Canadian Ambassador to Germany (deceased)
  • Ginette Kurgan-van Hentenryk : Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Marra Messinger : Embassy of Canada (Tel Aviv)
  • Bengt Streijffert : Nordic Association for Canadian Studies
  • Marisa Calés : Spanish Association for Canadian Studies
  • Om Juneja : M.S. University of Baroda
  • Annick Monnerie : French Association for Canadian Studies
  • Hans-Josef Niederehe : Universität Trier
  • Alan Artibise : Past President of the ICCS and the Association for Canadian Studies
  • Orietta Doucet-Mugnier : Canadian Embassy in Paris
  • Jörn Carlsen : Past President, Nordic Association for Canadian Studies
  • Louise Bakker : Association for Canadian Studies in The Netherlands (deceased)
  • Fernand Tanguay : Exernal Affairs and International Trade Canada
  • Donald Simpson : Royal Commonwealth Society and founding member of the British Association for Canadian Studies (deceased)
  • Walter Larink : Embassy of Canada (Bonn)
  • Norman London : Canadian Embasssy (Washington)
  • Marianne Scott : National Library of Canada
  • Per Seyersted : University of Oslo and founding member of the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies
  • Claude-Yves Charron : Embassy of Canada in Beijing
  • Ralph Halbert : Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Brian Long : External Affairs and International Trade Canada
  • James E. Page : Past President of the ICCS
  • William E. Taylor : Canadian Museum of Civilization and former President of Social Science and Humanities Research Council (deceased)
  • Michael Hellyer : Canadian High Commission (London)
  • Claude Corbo : Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Richard G. Seaborn : Canadian Consulate (Seattle)
  • Donald S. Rickerd : Canadian Donner Foundation
  • Daniel Ben-Natan : Israel Association for Canadian Studies
  • He, Xin : Embassy of Canada in Beijing