The ICCS newsletter has taken many forms, frequencies, and name changes over the years: newsletter -- glossy magazine -- compact news-filled bulletin . Since January 2022, it has taken the form of a monthly electronic news digest.

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Printed back issues of the newsletter are no longer available. However the publication has been archived in the Electronic Collection: A Virtual Collection of Monographs and Periodicals of Library and Archives Canada.

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We invite readers who wish to inform Canadianists around the world of important news to send a message to Please send a brief news item (100 words maximum) in French and English if possible, and include a website address where more information is available or supply an e-mail address.       

The International Canadianist

The International Council for Canadian Studies now publishes The International Canadianist newsletter electronically, as a service to the Canadian government, Canadian universities, business, foundations, and the media.

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The publication is also archived in the Electronic Collection of the National Library of Canada: