Mandate and Strategic Plan

Its mandate is to promote worldwide scholarly study, research, teaching and publication about Canada in all disciplines and all countries. Within this general mandate, the ICCS has identified three major objectives and priority areas:

  • Promotion of scholarly activities -- To organize world-class scholarly activities and to contribute to the establishment and development of Canadian Studies in universities of all countries where there is a demonstrated interest.
  • Creation of an international community of Canadianists -- To contribute to the creation and development of an international community of Canadianists and to act as an information resource for this community.
  • Communication of the results of research and public awareness -- To disseminate, in Canada and abroad, the results of research, study and other scholarly activities undertaken by Canadianists in all countries, and to promote public awareness of Canadian Studies.

The ICCS  maintains its own scholarship programs and awards.

The ICCS is supported in its fundraising and promotional efforts by the Friends of the Council," a group of prominent Canadians, chaired by Dr. Victor Rabinovitch.