Governor General's International Award in Canadian Studies

The Governor General's International Award for Canadian Studies is intended for a scholar who has made an outstanding contribution to scholarship and to the development of Canadian Studies internationally.

Award Winners

  • 2019 award winner - Ursula Mathis-Moser
  • 2018 award winner - Douglas Francis
  • 2017 award winner - Maeve Conrick
  • 2016 award winner - Alain-G. Gagnon
  • 2015 award winner - Wolfgang Klooß 
  • 2014 award winner - Claude Couture
  • 2013 award winner - Jacques Palard
  • 2012 award winner - Simon Langlois
  • 2011 award winner – Gerry Turcotte
  • 2010 award winner – Brian Young
  • 2009 award winner – Zilá Bernd
  • 2008 award winner – Robert Schwartzwald
  • 2007 award winner – Maria Teresa Gutierrez-Haces
  • 2006 award winner – Christl Verduyn
  • 2005 award winner – Serge Jaumain
  • 2004 award winner – William H. New
  • 2003 award winner – Karen Gould
  • 2002 award winner – David R. Cameron
  • 2001 award winner – Masako Iino
  • 2000 award winner – John Lennox
  • 1999 award winner – Charles F. Doran
  • 1998 award winner – Thomas H.B. Symons
  • 1997 award winner – Robin Winks
  • 1996 award winner – Maurice Lemire
  • 1995 award winner – Alan C. Cairns

Nomination Procedure


  • Nominee may be citizens of any country.
  • Posthumous or self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Members of the ICCS Executive Committee cannot be nominated during their term of office.
  • Recipients of the former Northern Telecom Canadian Studies Awards (1983-1991) are not eligible.


  • Nominations are reviewed and decisions made by an international jury, appointed for a three-year term by the ICCS.
  • Nominations are treated confidentially by the selection committee.
  • The prize is awarded alternately to an individual having and having essentially had a Canadian Studies career in Canada (the competition in the odd years, e.g. the 2013 competition for the 2014 award) and to an individual having and having essentially had a Canadian Studies career in another country (the competition in the even years, e.g. the 2014 competition for the 2015 award).
  • Unless withdrawn by the nominator, a nomination is valid for three competitions.

Content of Nominations

  • Full statement explaining the reasons for the nomination;
  • Copy of the nominee's full curriculum vitae;
  • A maximum of four letters of recommendation;
  • A maximum of five publications. Publications written in a language other than English or French should be accompanied by a one-page statement in one of the official languages of Canada, explaining the content and significance of the publications.


Nominations must be submitted no later than November 24 to:

The Governor General's International Award for Canadian Studies
International Council for Canadian Studies
Holland Cross RO, 1620 Scott Street, Unit 8, PO BOX 64016
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4V1 Canada